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"I began attending yoga classes after experiencing joint pain and stiffness and Anne’s classes were recommended to me by my physiotherapist. Since that time I have become a yoga devotee learning so much and gaining enormously health wise. Yoga keeps me going in so many ways and has a great influence on my day to day life.

I enjoy the challenge of poses, some which I still have to master, but I continue to work on them.

I have learnt many things from yoga, correct posture, breathing, relaxation, meditation and have gained body strength and stability. Two years ago I had a hip replacement and I am sure the yoga I did prior to and following surgery helped me achieve a full and successful recovery.

I eagerly look forward to classes and enjoy “my yoga time” immensely. My favourite class would have to be restorative classes but no matter how I feel when entering any yoga class, I feel fantastic when I leave. Yoga enriches my life.

Many thanks Anne and to the other teachers and assistants for a great year of yoga."

Val Glasheen

"The moment that I walked into Rossmoyne yoga centre………I knew that I was home.

I am a firm believer that body, mind and spirit are interconnected.
I have gained so much joy from my Monday morning ritual of taking yoga class.

I have gained an inner strength, inner balance, and an inner flexibility which are foundations for me for a life-long practice and love of yoga.
I started with a very bad back and I am now able to move with ease and am empowered with a variety of helpful tips and stretches that enable me to keep flexible and pain free.

Anne, Chris, Catherine, Gesine…thank you so much for all your kindness, care and professionalism. Good teaching is more an art of posing the right questions for body, mind and spirit. Thank you for leading us on a voyage of discovery and providing guidance every step of the way."

Margie Bryant

"I have been a student of the Yoga Centre at Rossmoyne for over three years now, thanks to the little Yoga board on the verge, which grabbed my attention. Over the years, I have had wonderful teachers in Anne, Chris, Marianne, Catherine and Lucie.

Yoga is a great workout and I enjoy it tremendously. I look forward to my weekly class as I find the stretches for the muscles and meditation for the mind are the perfect ingredients for a sound sleep. My flexibility has improved over time and the poses that were difficult initially seem to have become a lot easier.

By no means have I perfected the art of yoga yet, but I will strive to get there. So don’t give up and keep at it all you - my fellow yogis!!"

Michelle Fernandes

"I have been doing Yoga with Anne for several of years now. I am in my early 40s and I believe that regularly practising Yoga has helped me physically and mentally over the years. When my second child was a toddler I developed severe back pain. I was not able to sit or lie down without being in agony. I guess carrying a child on one hip and the washing basket on the other was getting my body into a mess. The good old vacuum cleaner did the rest I suppose.

I went with my aches and pains to a Chiropractor in hope off some relief. He worked magic for sure, my hip was out of alignment and few other parts were not quite right. What he said after a couple of adjustments really surprised me and I was glad he did urge me to do something for my body. He made the point in coming to him was all well and good but I needed to take responsibility for my body and my wellbeing. He recommended Anne and her Yoga practice in Rossmoyne and I haven’t looked back since.

I had not tried Yoga or Meditation before and I immediately enjoyed my mornings with Anne and the other great teachers at Rossmoyne. My back and my hips still have their issues, but with Yoga I have learned to keep them at bay. With Yoga comes relaxation and I think we all need this time to wind down; “me” time I call it. I also do Yoga at home as regularly as I go to the Yoga Centre. My body posture has improved and of course there cannot be any slouching at the dinner table, so that’s good for everybody.

A lot else has improved since I have been doing Yoga. In stressful situations I notice my breathing is shallow and so I practice deeper breathing which helps a lot. If my body feels achy I get my Yoga mat out at home and do a routine of postures. Some-times it is not a long session, 15 minutes or so, but it is enough to give me relief.

How do I see my future with Yoga? I know that it will always now be part of my life. When life gets busy be sure that my body will remind me that I have not done Yoga for a while and I quickly get my mat out and practice.

To finish I would like to thank all the teachers at Anne’s Yoga Centre of Rossmoyne for their great support!"

Andrea Lanter

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“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life.”

BKS Iyengar

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